The Khare Family Website

Well, the big news is out: The latest addition to the Khare clan will be Dr. Smruti Jayant Vidwans, at Rohit and Smruti's wedding on July 4, 2004. A scanned copy of the invitation includes all the hotel details, &c.

Home pages for our two favorite nieces: Anjuli Corzine & Shalini Corzine (7th birthday party).

Random photo albums: KnowNow (Seattle) from 2000, India from June 2001, Yosemite with NetIP in August 2002, European tour (including Henrik and Janet's wedding and the V&A Museum's Cinema India exhibit) in August 2002, India (Tanya's wedding) & Heidelburg in November 2002, and my apartment. There are also some pix here for a friend's Antakshari party (sort of an Indian 'name-that-tune' game), a family brunch at my place in June 2003, and snapshots from Beatrice & Kragen's wedding and Roy & Cheryl's wedding.

Other 2003 albums include: Archie's birthday, Arnav's birthday, Diwali at my aunt's, a trip back to DC and NYC for the Irvington Institute annual meeting, and my flight on the Concorde.

9 February 2004